Sutton Integrated Releases “MARS”

Toronto, ON: Sutton Integrated has released MARS, a new technology designed for private and fractional aircraft owners, flight departments, and charter operators, that will aide in efforts to provide transparency to aircraft owners.

MARS, or My Aircraft Reporting System, is a web application that works alongside existing accounting and flight software. MARS consolidates all aircraft data—financial reports, flights, fuel, maintenance logs, and all other necessary information—into one hub where jet owner can view the information at any time.

“In the past, a monthly report booklet would be physically sent to the owner, which took a lot of time, money, and paper,” says Gord Sutton, CEO of Sutton Integrated. “Then, for weeks after the report was sent, the management companies would get calls from the owners with questions regarding the report, which is not surprising. When you're talking about something as unique and luxurious as a private jet, owners should be asking these questions. MARS makes this whole process easier for everyone involved. Now, the owner has all the information they could ask for in the palm of their hand. It’s instant, it’s cost effective, it’s green, and of course, it’s completely transparent. The management companies get the trust they want from their clients, and the owners get the peace of mind they deserve.”

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