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The Sutton Integrated team is a tight knit group of professionals with extensive experience in corporate communications, investor relations, branding, technology development, B2B and B2C marketing, creative development, copywriting and project management. The capabilities of the Sutton Integrated team are punctuated by advisors who bring new ideas, experience and energy.

We invite inquiries from uniquely talented individuals. Whether for a current position, or for a future role as part of our growth strategy, Sutton Integrated is keen to hear from individuals who are excited by our vision, that connect to our company values, and would thrive in a team environment.

We look beyond years of experience on your resume. We care most about people who possess the attitude, capability, and passion to excel when given the opportunity to do so.

This all sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, how about working minutes from the subway line, in a snazzy studio environment within a heritage building. Does a full benefits plan and the opportunity to work with energetic, bright and motivated teammates further excite you?

If we’ve captured your attention, and you fit one of the following roles, then give us a call.

Business Development Managers

You are best described as high-energy, achievement-oriented, growth-focussed and a natural relationship builder. Your natural curiosity follows the path for helping customers solve business problems. Who you are is evidenced by the extensive network of relationships that consider you a trusted advisor and solution provider. Past and current customers are keen to express their appreciation for the level of service and commitment you demonstrate. You come to work each day with optimism, energy and focus, and take time to infuse positive energy onto the team around you. If this is you, then contact our CEO, Gord Sutton.

Inside Business Development Specialists

You’re undaunted by challenges. You have an immense capacity to research and identify where opportunities exist, and your approach to making contact by phone and engaging people seems effortless. Whereas most have trouble making contact with busy decisions makers, you have the confidence and a special talent ability to readily connect with them and make an immediate positive impression. You are driven by the satisfaction of helping individuals and organizations find answers and solve problems. If this is you, then contact our CEO, Gord Sutton, and demonstrate what you are all about.

.NET Applications Developers & Front-End Designers

There are those who write code, and those whose code demonstrates clarity of thought and an understanding of how to do build things right. There are those who create unique visual concepts, and those whose work is widely considered to be special. Your experience is reflected in your portfolio of work and is a notch above your peers. If this is you, we are ready to have our socks knocked off. Contact our CEO, Gord Sutton, and let’s chat.