Mitsubishi To Use Sutton Integrated's DPG To Promote New Car Models

Sutton Integrated and Mitsubishi Motors Logos

Toronto, ON: Sutton Integrated has announced that Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc. have teamed up to promote the new Outlander PHEV and Eclipse Cross using Sutton’s Dynamic Print Generator (DPG).

“We here at Sutton Integrated are very proud that such a large and innovative company as Mitsubishi has embraced the Dynamic Print Generator,” said Gord Sutton, CEO of Sutton Integrated. “The future of communications is not just about throwing away tried and tested marketing and sales tools, such as brochures and catalogues, but using technology to bring them into the future.”

Mitsubishi will be using the DPG to help promote their Outlander PHEV and Eclipse Cross models. Using the DPG, Sutton will be turning the pre-designed brochure into a fully customizable and interactive website, complete with links, carousels, animation, audio, and video. Mitsubishi can make changes to the site at any time, be it prices, new features, or add-ons, and the online brochure will reflect the change instantly. Customers can browse the brochure while at home or on the go and print off copies at their own leisure. At Mitsubishi dealerships, the sales team can use the DPG to personalize the brochure towards each client so that every person will walk away with something unique. Printing individual brochures at each location will also prevent waste from large print runs.

About Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc.

Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc., is part of Mitsubishi group, originally founded in Japan in 1870. Mitsubishi Motors North America was founded in 1981, and since then has become one of Canada’s top performing vehicle brands.

About Sutton Integrated:
Sutton Integrated is a Toronto based company that has been in business for nearly three decades, providing proven creative solutions for all communications needs, such as corporate websites, annual and sustainability reports, catalogues, branding, and strategy, as well as developing marketing and sales technologies for a variety of business sectors.