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Interpretive Analytics

Consultative services that help organizations understand and utilize website analytics for continuous improvement.

Interpretive Analytics

We provide a roadmap for improving website engagement and conversion performance.

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When a website goes live, the work isn’t done. Some organizations inadvertently adopt a “build it and leave it” approach by moving onto its next major project, after months of hard work creating a refreshed online presence. Later, they are disappointed and can’t understand why their investment isn’t accomplishing what was intended.

Sutton Integrated believes that websites are assets that never rest. They must be built from the ground up to support the achievement of specific and measurable outcomes. They must continually evolve, whether the goal is to increase connectivity with investors, provide improved customer service, or generate business leads. The key is to understand how best to do this.

Interpretive Analytics is Sutton Integrated’s newest client solution. Our team of marketing and website analytic specialists will engage your marketing, investor relations, service or product leaders to define website goals, interpret site analytics, and help deploy strategies for performance improvement. Sutton Integrated will reduce the “noise” associated with website analytics, identify gaps between goals and actual performance, and help get things done.